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Mouse Binky   Yakie The CaveMan
I'm working on a shortfilm that main character is a flexible, funny mouse. It'll be cartoonish animation with lots of squash & stretch and wacky action.   This is Caveman Yakie. The main character of the shortfilm that me and my pal Daghan Demirtas created together in 2003 summer. We participated IAF 2 Festival with this one.
Actually I just wanted a model a Low Polly Character to try a new facial rigging system. But it turned out to Al Cream. :) I'll try to use him in an animation. He will be a singer.    

I got many questions regarding AJ Short Film... (A.J. flick :)) People generally ask me "how did you do that cloth?", and I generally answer them "how the hell I know?" :) Actually I'm trying a little more helpful than that. But this was my first Short Film. It was definately a challenge for me. And and I learned %90 of the things while I'm doing it. Real-Time :) Now got a little tiny bit of experience, and I'd like to share it with my friends here.


There is no tutorial at the moment. Actualy, there is no way I could write a tutorial at the moment. :)