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August 12 to 27, 2003...

CaveMan YaKie
The Caveman project started last summer. August 2003. Me and my friend Daghan ware in a kind of a summer holiday. We ware playing computer games, watching movies etc. Then we bored of wasting time and say "why didn't we make a short animation?" We allways had a thing about Castaway stories, I have no idea why. So, we think of creating a character, and make a series of short animations about him/her. One thing led to another and that character turned out to be a CaveMan. We'll be thinking details of the story after modelling stuff is finished.

I started with modelling character, and my friend started modelling environment objects and CaveMan's accesories. I wanted to model a cartoonish character. After all it'll be a comedy kind of shortfilm. Anyway, I spent extra time on head of the character and made a texture for it. While I working on Photoshop to draw textures, my pal Daghan modelled arms of the character. I didn't like the arms he modelled and change it, then he didn't like my changes and changed it again. (we had a network) Then I changed it again... again, again... In the end we decided to leave arms the way it looks. That's why the character's arms sucks heh heh. :)

Anyway, after creating the character, we started making facial morps. That's where we fight a lot. We didn't planning to makim talk during the animation. But we tried to to make every mouth shape anyway. Like our CaveMan is going to give a press speach. We made a lots of facial expressions... but one. Making that one shape, "O" was really a pain. Funny thing is we worked together 2 days to make a decent looking "O" shape.

After that, I made the rigging and other stuff. Then our CaveMan is ready for action. By the way, we named him YaKie. :)

Unfortunately, as we finish building character and other stuff, our 'holiday' time is over. So, we decided to "hold" the project until we got time, and when we get together again... I mean... Together, not... uh together. Not THAT together... Working together. You know, cooperative working environment. :)

By the way, we got a little time after we hold the project and decide to take some funny renders of our Cave guy. We used a digital cam to take a picture of my... holiday time working environment. :) And composite YaKie to that picture as realistic as possible. To make it like an Action Figure. (note: hand is not mine :)) Also I gathered all the objects we created and take a render. Now we have an 3D image after all :) That was the last thing I've done for that CaveMan... until... April of 2004

April to May, 2004...
There was an animation festival held in Istanbul last year, named International Animation Festival. And they're organizing it second time for the 2004. It was a pretty big motivation to start animating. So I called my friend, and we decided to participate the Festival. No matter how crappy our outcome will be. :)

It was pretty late that time we decided to participate, we have only 1 month to create something. So, creating a Caveman story involving UFO's and Aliens, or Dinosours was out of our deadline limit heheh. Anyway, I wanted to animate something with caveman and a wheel. My friend Daghan disagree with the "wheel" idea. But I was the animator, you know. :) I did all the animations, Daghan did all the modeling. Caveman model and some of the props inside the cave was already modelled. But no matter how crappy they look, these trees was the most stressful part of the job. We fight a lot, but in the end it was our cute little funny animation.:)

Wanted to create something unique for the IAF2. First, we see drawings on the cave wall. As you can see there was an ufo drawings hehe. Caveman YaKie sleeps like leaning against wall cause you know there was no bed invented yet. :) (that was a joke we ispired from some caveman caricatures) He wakes up, sunlight dazzles his eyes, (I love using volume light) and he sees a strange object. A rock? A wheel in fact. He walks towards and tries to examine it, then throws it away. Wheel rolls on grass, hit a stone pillar, pillars falls and then when camera zooms out we see IAF2 letters. The initials of the 2th International Animation Festival.

Because of time limitations, we practically rushed the lighting & rendering proccess. After a few critical render crash, we just menaged to participate the contest in the last minute. I'm not just saying it, it was really the last minute, if not last second. :)

After few days, jury announced the winners. There was about 50 animations nomineed. Some of them won best 2D, best Visual Effect etc. And our Caveman short won the Best 3D Animation Award. Glad we made it. Really happy for it. :)

It still looks incomplate to me though. Maybe I'll Re-Render it sometime later...