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Last Updated: 18 January 2004

Al CreamI like doing different character riggs for my own characters. It is fun to assing a controller for every body part, and then animate them. But sometimes rigging could be boring, and gets very painfull especially if you're making a detailed character setup.

Rigging a character's body one thing, rigging a character's face is another thing. Usually I use Morph Targets for facial expressions. But this time I wanted to try a new facial rigging system. It'll be more flexible and dynamic... if I could menage to do it of course. :)

Anyway. To try this, I model a simple low-poly head. Actually I wanted to make a singing character animation for a while. So I modelled a singer in my mind. Here is Al Cream. Sound familiar? Well yes. I take Al Green as my singer character's base model. I'd like to animate it to sing an Al Green song. :)

For now, I only modelled head and made texture maps. I made Bump, Specular and Diffuse maps in photoshop. When I got time, I'll try to model rest of the body. Going to keep polygons pretty low. And I'll try not to use any fancy thing like Reactor Cloth or something like that. :)