Click "Here" to go back to the main page... Hey! Don't click there! Click "Here"...  Oops, not there, sorry... Here... Here I'm trying to tell something about someone I haven't seen except mirrors... Here you can find my "Work in Progress" projects. (probably finished in next 10 years) And also I'll try to write some CG turorials to help my frieands, whatever I can. Here you can view my Still Image ArtworksHere you can find my Short Animations, Character Animations, some stupid test animations... Stuff that moves. :)There you can learn about where I am, what planet am I coming from? Is there any way to contact that planet? Or more easily; what is my e-mail address?Stuff that I'm linked to... what? I'm not kiding this time. :)







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Cool Sites Here is another great Spanish 3D Animation site 3D[e]MOTIONS. Their frontpage is very fun to browse, it's full of animation and visual fx news. A Spanish 3D Animation site that I mostly like their great Interwievs. Also you may find other very interesting things like 3D related news, tutorials, etc . :) This is a cool French magazine that includes 3D and 2D resources, interviews, news... basicly all the thing you need about Computer Graphics. :) You can also translate the site into English or German using the icons at the bottom of page. Filmwatcher is a really great place that you can find dozens of interesting Independent ShortFilms, and CG Animations. Then you may freely download & watch these movies. What could possibly more fun than that? :)

Friend Sites

Elif Serencioğlu My dear friend Elif's Web Site. She is the one. :) One of the most talented, and kind, and cool artist around the world. She is also the person who forced me to build my web site. :)
Charles Looker (Eek) He is the creator of some crazy cool rigs. Great animator, and also one of the nicest person I've met. :)
Hüseyin Öztürk Hüseyin is a good 3D Modeller, and Animator, and Texturer, and Rigger, and... well, he is a good cg artist. :)
Murat Ursavaş (KMT) This is Murat Ursavas's web site. Also known as KaraMurat. :) He is a dangerous mixture of a Engineer and CG Artist.
Emrah Başkaya (Hesido) He's a talented 3D modeller and also one of the most helpful and kind person you may meet in the huge www... Got some cool tutorials too.
Arslan Elver A great character animator and nice guy. Killer combination. :) I like his cartoonish animation style.
Halil Evren This is Halil Evren's web site. He is a very talented CG Artist, and a very good friend.