Click "Here" to go back to the main page... Hey! Don't click there! Click "Here"...  Oops, not there, sorry... Here... Here I'm trying to tell something about someone I haven't seen except mirrors... Here you can find my "Work in Progress" projects. (probably finished in next 10 years) And also I'll try to write some CG turorials to help my frieands, whatever I can. Here you can view my Still Image ArtworksHere you can find my Short Animations, Character Animations, some stupid test animations... Stuff that moves. :)There you can learn about where I am, what planet am I coming from? Is there any way to contact that planet? Or more easily; what is my e-mail address?Stuff that I'm linked to... what? I'm not kiding this time. :)




Take a time to write something on my guestbook. Like; You're soooo coool... :P

Actually it is very easy to contact me. Just look between Mars and Venus, then... well I sense a very bad joke is coming, lets better stop there and look at the other easy ways to contact me.

This is definately the easiest way to contact me. Send an e-mail and see how fast I response :)
MSN Messenger is my favorite. I'm using it to keep in touch with my friends. Feel free to drop me a message. :)
uin: 5704939
I'm using ICQ for over 5 years. But very rarely online lately