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What are you looking at dude!AJ is a Private Detective and this short animation shows how he breaks in criminals hideouts and how does he deals with badguys. He is a man with attitude... :)

Well. I wanted to create an action scene like John Woo / Chow Yun-Fat movies. The very distinc features of that movies is not blazing guns or big explosions. It's that unique style in it. Be it slow motion, or good action choreography whatever. I really impessed by action scenes in movies like The Killer, Hard Boiled, Mission Impossibe 2, or even recent games like Max Payne, or Death to Right. You got the idea. :)

Actually I'm not a big action movie fan. But I really enjoy doing this kind of animation, and I hope you enjoy watching it. (I always wanted to say that heh heh heh)

I created two versions of the animation. The old original one, and the new revised one. New version is High Res Divx format for your viewing pleasure. :)

Size: 10 MB
Codec: Divx 5.02
Resolution: 400x300 (low-res)
Note: Contains Blood & Gore... If you care :)

Low-res version is Out of date!

Size: 16 MB
Codec: Divx 5.11
Resolution: 640x480 (high-res)
Note: Contains More Blood & Gore... :)

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