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Size: 13 MB
Codec: Quicktime (Sorenson 3)
Resolution: 400x300
Note: Does NOT Contains Blood & Gore... :)

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This is a short film animation based on a Caveman character that me and my friend created some months ago. For a detailed info about it you may check out the WIP section of the Caveman YaKie. Anyway, this short film was made for 2th International Animation Festival Short Animation Contest in Istanbul. Me and my friend worked together in this one. He modelled Cave, Trees, environment stuff. I made character animation, and the rest. Anyway, we participated in the last minute and won the "Best 3D Animation" award. :)

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Size: 16 MB
Codec: Divx 5.11
Resolution: 640x480
Note: Contains Blood & Gore... If you care :)

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Here is my latest, and "actualy" first Short Animation. It took over 4 months to complete. You may check out my WIP section or CGTalk Wip Thread to know more about development proccess of the animation.

AJ is a Private Detective and this short animation shows how he breaks in criminals hideouts and how does he deals with badguys. He is a man with attitude. :)

Note that you may want to click left image to learn more about it. If you want of course. You know, maybe to look still images from the animation or something. :P

1.67 MB
Codec: WMV 9     Resolution: 320X240     Length: 28 Sec

I've been offered to join a Collaborative team project, which is creating a cg animation for George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion that'll be playing in March 2006 in Corvallis Community Theatre. Over 60 people worked on this project in their free time, voluntarily. It turned out a great work after all, and it was fun to work on a project about Bernard Shaw too. I was asked to Rig a character that been modelled by Sil Ariaans. (from Holland) Then I also animate it too.(because I love to animate!) This is the Classroom scene from the show.

Pabucu Yarim
Opening Sequence

11 MB
Codec: Quicktime Sorenson 3     Resolution: 480x360     Length: 53 SecCodec: DIVX 5.11     Resolution: 640x480     Length: 53 Sec
More info about the making of this animation. You know... it's hard to get info around here. ;)

This is the Opening Sequence I did for a TV Show named Pabucu Yarim. It was an interesting work for me to jump from "violance" themed Short Films like "AJ - Private Detective" to this Kids TV Show animation. It's looking sweet, cute, and doesn't include any gun or sword at all. :) I've tried to keep violence level minimum this time heh heh. It was a pretty rushed job (I had to finish it in less than a month) but I think it looks cute anyway.

Animation Session 4

600 KB
Codec: DIVX 5.11     Resolution: 320x240     Length: 6 Sec Codec: DIVX 5.11     Resolution: 320x240     Length: 6 Sec

This is a simple box animation exercise for a competition at CGTalk Animation forums. The rules was; use only box characters to create an emotion change. Well... I've tried to make an emotion change from bored to excited. First you see a group of boxes. Then a female box comes and... well you guess. I'm not going to tell details.

10 Seconds Club
March 2004 Entry
Our good friend Al Cream is thinking about use one more sugar or not. Maybe one more sugar? Or maybe not?

1.8 MB
Codec: MPEG1     Resolution: 320x240     Length: 10 Sec Codec: MPEG1     Resolution: 320x240     Length: 10 Sec

This is my second entry to 10 Seconds Club's contest. Voice is George Clooney from the movie Oceans Eleven. This time I've used my Al Cream character that I created to try some facial animation. The facial rig was... different, but practically, didn't worked out pretty well as I espected. :) I need to work on that.
10 Seconds Club February 2004 Entry
First, I've made lips-sync animation. The character model and rigging was done my me last year. This was my first short film's main character. I've done some facial morphs back then but didn't used them very much in the short film. Anyway, I found this as a chance to try it. This character is not meant to talk very realistic, but I think it worked pretty well... For body animation, I've used pose-to-pose technique to block out the key poses. Then I realised that I've made a key pose on almost every word. It was like Flash speed talking. :) So, I reduced my key poses to a reasonable number. (Like 20 different pose for every word... ok I was just kidding) Then I placed inbetween keys and ease ins and ease outs obviously... After I finished the character animation, I started to spice it up. I've wanted a gloomy place, like an old storehouse or something like that. For some reason, I like to use Volumetric Light every possible way. This was a great place to use a cool volume light. After I placed it, I remember Blizzard's Diablo 2 game first cinematic that has floating dusts in it. I was so shocked when I saw that effect first time. Anyway, like I should do, I tried to create some tiny dust particles that float in the air. Yes I did! I did! :) I used Particle Spray, and Drag spacewarp to hold dust in air, and a slight wind spacewarp to make a subtle floaty movements to dusts. I also applied a little glow effect to pacticle material. It looks pretty. :)

1.6 MB
Codec: MPEG1     Resolution: 320x240     Length: 10 Sec Codec: MPEG1     Resolution: 320x240     Length: 10 Sec

This is my first participation to 10 Seconds Club's monthly Character Animation Contest. And actually this was my first Acting Animation Exercise. This was my first short film's main character. I've done some facial morphs back then but didn't used them very much in the short film. Anyway, The sound clip is from the movie "Hannibal" and voice is great actor Anthony Hopkins...

Caveman walkcycle
Actually this is the animation I did for the Papucu Yarim opening animation.  I just made a closeup shot.
Well... I was listening Pulp Fiction theme music while I'm making this. Just for fun. :)
That's only a part of the blue creatures animation.
And... another silly animation test.
AJ cloth test animation.
This is another cloth test to see how it's look when AJ make quick moves.
This was... well a little bit fun actually. :) Otherwise there is no way my characters will move like that in my animations :)
An early rig test animation to see how spine moves.