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Resume, CV... One and only thing I'm affraid to write.

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Well then... hi! As you may know, my name is Tughan Arslan, and that's all. Thanks folks, that's it, see you next time...

...that would be easy wouldn't it? I guess I have to do something I don't like to do; tell about myself. :) Well actually I found a fine solution for this situtation. I'll ask questions to myself, and I answer them. How about that? :) Okay then, let's start...

Q: Are you that desperate enough to ask yourself questions?
A: Well... yeah. :) Next question?

Q: Would you like to tell us and our visitors a little bit of yourself?
A: Thats a tricky question, but I'll try to answer that anyway... Well... I'm a CG Artist living in Turkey. I was born in Istanbul Turkey on a rainy day, October 30, 1982. So I should be 22 today... and... uh... here I am now. Still living. :) Oh about that 20 year in the middle, nothing much happened really. I was just kidnapped by Aliens on the day I was born. They educated me, teach me some weird stuff (3D Studio Max etc. :)) and sent me back to my planet. I remember nothing more. :)

Q: How did you get into the Computer Graphics?
A: My interest to drawing unbearable stick figures started when I first got hold of a pen & paper while I was a kid. (it always start like that) I can't tell why. Do you ever draw stickman figures on every corner of a notebook paper and try to animate that? Well... I wasted a quite few notebooks while doing it. In fact, some of them was my dad's important books. :) Anyway. My interest to the Animation goes back these years.

Years passed, passed, I grow little, (and -don't mean to boast but- I learned how to read by the way ;)) then I've met a friend, a computer! (Commodore 64 to be precise) I quickly threw my paintbrush & paper with saying "forget the arts, let's play the games!" and done that pretty good. Then my second computer Amiga 500 came along. I was still playing games of course. But one day, one normal day, just like today (oh c'mon...) I found a little floppy disk. It was not a game! No. So Why didn't I throw it away? Anyway it was a 2D Paint Application called Deluxepaint. Suddenly my artistic senses rise again. I felt like "whoa! Computers was really can do more than playing games." So I started drawing again, but this time with computer. I was addicted to that little 2D paint tool. I didn't even know how to save my paints. I just draw, look at the monitor with a stupid smile after a few hours of work, show it my mom & dad and then turn off the computer. Thats about it.

After I got my first PC, well... my Gaming frenzy back again. I was more interested to gaming side than artistic side of the PC for a while. I always watched Computer Gaming world very closely. (which I still am) So I become a PC game reviewer at a Computer Gaming Magazine for 2 years. I wrote dozens of game reviews and guides. After that, me and some of my gaming friends created an Online Gaming Web Site called PC Therapy. I was making Web Design and graphics of the web site, and also writing games time to time. Around 1.5 years later some of the site members had to leave because of their school or work etc. That include my site partner. (we all didn't have any money profit for doing it. It was all Just for fun) So I decided to shut down the site. It was a good experience for me. After that, with a pretty good Web Mastering knowledge, I created some web sites for my friends and a few companies. They both didn't paid. :)

By the way, being inside of Games and 3D Graphic Technology makes me wonder "how did they create this?" And that led me to the one possible way, 3D Applications. My Artistic side resurrected again from it's sleep! This time it's serious and I'm not gonna let it sleep again!

This is me. I meant to be a graphic artist. Because I realized that I don't like to do anything more than drawing pictures, designing, modelling 3d, animating characters etc... (maybe because I sucks at other things :)) That's the way I like it. And thats what I'm going to do. Not for just to proud me and my parents, not for money, (it would be cool though :)) just to be remembered one of the best CG Artist in the world! Mwahahahahahaaaa!

Q: Where did you go to school? If any?
I don't have to answer that question...

Q: Yes you have! Now tell us where did you go to school?
Well... actually I didn't. :) No university, no high school, no junior high school, no primary, or even a nursery school. I learned how to read & write at age of 5 and that was more than enough for me. Then Pofff! Off we go... Hang on world, here I'm coming... :)

Do I look like joking? Well, you have to belive my "kidnapped by aliens and educated at the Solaris Alien University" story, or this "no school" story. Pick the one you find more interesting. But only one of it is true. :)

Q: What kind of CG Works do you like to do?
I personally like working on character animations. That is my main focus. Also I love to create 3D craracters. Model them from scratch, then rig them different ways, watch it move way I like, and animating it. That's the most thing in CG that makes me really happy. Mainly character related stuff you see.

Also I love real physics dynamic simulations. Like falling boxes, pouring water, cloth etc. Like to create those. :)

Q: What kind of CG Works do you NOT like to do?
Actually I like everything about graphics. Nothing much I don't like to do. But if we have to pick something then I should say I don't like compositing work. You know like pick a Mushroom picture, then pick a forest picture, erase mushroom's background, cut it and paste it into the forest picture. Something like that. I also don't like draw or model too flat things. Make it a character or architectual design. Because I more like deformed, cartoonish shapes.

Q: What other things do you like to do?
What other things? Oh... well, I love to watch movies. More like Science-Fiction, Thriller, and John Woo (or John Woo style) Action movies. Like The Killer, Hard Boiled etc. Some of my favorite movies are; The Usual Suspects, Memento, Fight Club, Snatch, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Fifth Element, The Matrix 1, Bravehearth, Pirates of The Carribean, Oldboy... And of course All the Animated films by Pixar. :)

I also like to watch Cartoons. SpongeBob Squarepants is my favorite. And of course don't forget the South Park and The Simpsons. :)

For TV series, I really like to watch Lost. Also I'm a big fan of 24, Angel, and of course The X-Files.

And for Comedy stuff, Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm really cracks me up. It's definately the best since Seinfeld. I also love The Friends very much. Especially early seasons...

Q: Is that all?
No... :)