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March 20 , 2006

I've been offered to join a Collaborative team project, which is creating a cg animation for George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion that'll be playing in March 2006 in Corvallis Community Theatre. Over 60 people worked on this project in their free time, voluntarily. I animated the Classroom scene from the show. You may click here to watch it.
By the way, my Mouse Shortfilm project is still going on. :)

November 1, 2005

Well... I'm alive. :) As you may noticed, I've been a bit away from the CG community for last few months. Didn't rant around all the cg related forums etc as I used to be. Because I got to use a slow dial-up connection for a while. Don't have a time to update frontpage. But my Mouse Shortfilm page updated more regularly at least! Anyway, there'll be news about my upcoming short animation soon. Thanks for your patience. :)

May 27, 2005

Is anyone following my famous Mouse Shortfilm Production Diary Blog? When I read Binkythe hundreds of e-mails and comments people gave me through that WIP pages made me come to a conclusion that I... well, actually I don't get hundreds of e-mails about it. So, no conclusion yet. :) But, I would love to hear your critiques and ideas about my animation projects. Anyhow, I'm doing it my way you know. :)
Now, I've a new Test Animation starring Binky The Mouse. You can see how he moves! More will come. Check out the WIP page time to time for updates.

April 2, 2005

As you can see, my website isn't suspended by Walt Disney. Heh heh. :) I hope that people didn't take my April 1 joke too seriously. Well, some of my friends really took the bait and I didn't told some of them it was a joke. They'll find out eventually. :)

March 29, 2005

What are you staring at buddy!It's been a few months since my last update. I didn't playing games, watching movies, and fooling around this time. No my friend, I was very busy working for my upcoming Shortfilm. Hard to belive isn't it? Well, you better belive it buddy! I've even created a Production Diary Blog so you can keep track it's progress and laught at my miserable strugglings through modelling, rigging, lighting, rendering, animating, and compositing proccess... You may also write comments abot it. I'll be happy to be shouted at. :P

January 3, 2005

Hi. :) The first update of the new year, surprisingly I've done another 3D still image. This time it's a Lavalamp themed... thing. I just made it for fun. Actually I wanted to spend some time on rendering & lighting for a while. Because I wasn't paying attention to that part of CG very much. I wanted to learn about it. Reading Digital Lighting and Rendering from Jeremy Birn helps a lot. :) I really recommend it...

December 22, 2004

It's been only one year since I launched my website. Thanks to all 8000+ people who inspires, me, supporting, me, annoying me, in 2004. :) As you can see, I made some... additional decoration to my web site. Because I was too lazy to make a dancing Santa animation. :) Anyway, I hope you all have a merry christmas and wish you a happy new year!

December 8 , 2004

I just uploaded some extra shots from my latest animation. You might find them very... intriuging... or perhaps just plain silly as always. :) Anyway. Probably these'll be the last animations I've done in 2004. So... well, they still look silly though. :)

October 25 , 2004

I'm spoiled, I'm troublemaker, I'm noisy... and I'm cute!As I said before, I've made an opening animation for a TV Show recently. It's a Kids Show named "Pabucu Yarim" that have lots of little kid noises, puppets, etc. You know these shows. Here I'm putting it online for you to watch. I hope that everyone will like it... I know that's not possible, just a hope. :P

October 10, 2004

Two months and no update... well, either that I was too busy or too lazy. :) Actually I was busy this time. Because there was an unexpected, unpredictible, a surprise freelance job I have to do. It was a 40 seconds opening animation for a TV Show, so it that was really a big challenge for me. Not because I was all alone, or got very limited time to finish it. I just didn't want my first real freelance job to look rushed or awful. Well... I've worked hard, sleep less, (DaVinci's sleeping method doesn't work in today's world) and in the end I completed it just in time. The Show is on air. :) I'll be releasing the animation on my website as soon as possible.
By the way, another great Spanish CG website 3D[e]Motion made a news about my Private Detective - AJ ShortFilm. Thanks guys. :)

August 4, 2004

I finally got this "Favorite Icon" thingy work! Yeepeee! :) Now on you may see a tiny icon of my website in your favorites list. Anyway... nothing more to add. :P

July 30, 2004

I'm up and ready... again! As you may know my website was "temporarly" down for last month. Well... seems like my "old" web hosting company forget to turn on the computers and take a vacation. They simply vanish! The worst thing is that my e-mails vanished as well. So if you sent me an e-mail at in last month, it's probably sleeping with fishes right now. I hope Pixar Studios didn't sent me an e-mail to offer a job lately. :)
Anyway. I got a new hosting now and everything seems fine. But in any case, use to send me emails. For a while. :)

June 1, 2004

My "AJ - Private Detective" Short Film appeared frontpage on Spanish 3D Animation Portal few days ago. I noticed it 2 day later. :) Anyway. They described it as "Pure John Woo Style!" (which is what I like) In spanish of course.
Also, my Caveman animation appeared on French CG Magazine website at Thanks to both great web pages very much. It feels really... Umm... Worldwide. :)

May 19, 2004

I've been very very busy lately, and intensively working on my Caveman short film for the 2th International Animation Festival in Istanbul. Well... actually I've been procrastinating and playing PC games, (Syberia 2) until the last 7 days of the Short Film competition deadline. But like I said... I've worked intensively in that last few days and menaged to participate the competition in the last possible minute... like I always do. :) Anyway. Festival was great, hope to become bigger and greater next year. By the way, Caveman animation won the "Best 3D Animation" award. :) It still feels very incomplate animation to me because I had to rush it towards end. Rendering could be better. Anyway, thanks to the people who decided to give this award to our Cave guy. :) Here you can watch it.

April 11, 2004

Hi there my friends! I've got a new hosting for my website. From now on I... well, nothing changed really... Ok then, just move along... :)
By the way, I updated AJ's download url at You may visit it and read comments by clicking here!

April 6, 2004

I've participated 10 Second Club's March 2004 Animation Competition too. :) Again, itWhy am I textured so weird? was entertaining. Also it was a chance to try out my new "super-doper" facial rig system. Well, it's not a big deal but I must say it is more fun to animate a rig like that. But... it needs to be improved indeed :)
Anyway, this months voice is George Clooney from the movie Ocean Eleven. You may check it out at Animations page.

March 20, 2004

Hello there! I've been working on a walk cycle animation test for my "long forgetten" Ugh? Unga! Uaah?Caveman character. Actually I was planing to make a short film about a Caveman for a while. After I read "Robert Williams - Animator's Survival Kit" Book, (which is a a must have for every 2D or 3D animator) I've really excited and inspired to try out some of the techniques written in that book. So I made a walkcycle test. This was my first time to create a cycle animation. Maybe I'll use this in my upcoming Caveman short film. Just keep it looping and he'll walk forever. Hey, where is he walking? To the evolution... :)

March 2, 2004

Easy man!After nearly one year, my anxiously anticipation of participation to a 10 Second Club contest finally give a friut. I've made my first entry for february competition with (you guess) A.J. character model. It was a 10 second voice of Anthony Hopkins's Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Fits pretty well to my A.J. :) Anyway. It was fun to animate over a voice which I didn't tried before. You may check out Animations section to watch it.

February 13, 2004

As you know my first Short Film "A.J. - Private Detective" hit the web (yeah what a hit!) on What are you looking at?last September. September 19 2003 to be exact. :) Anyway I got many feedback & critiques about it from people at CGTalk, 3DBuzz and my friends also. %90 of them come and said "What the hell are you thinking?" to me! But other %10 of the people surprisingly liked it very much. In fact they wanted more adventures of Private Detective A.J. Well, I'm planing to make a sequel late 2004. But for now, I've made a new High Resolution version of the first short film. I also included some new sounds and an alternative shot. It's now become something like Director's Cut version. :) You may download it or old version from the Animations page. Thats the fourth icon after the Yellow Duck. :P

January 31 , 2004

Hey! I got my lost files back! Hooraay! It's like a... like... like losing your file, then finding it back. :) Thanks to my friend codenamed "S". He helped me to save my remaining files from the corpse of a dead HDD. Thanks again my friend. :) January month isn't very productive for me because of this Hard Disk incident. Now I got my files back and I'm going back to my work... I mean productive process :)

January 18, 2004

Well my friends... I have good news, and bad news. The good news is; I'm still alive. The bad news is; My Hard Drive isn't. Last night, suddenly, my beloved HDD passed away. And all of my latest unfinished 3D works, character facial rig that I'm working on over 1.5 month, my textures, my short animation archive... Everything but a tiny backup that I did 2 or 3 months ago was gone within it. So... thats it. :) I'll continue from scratch of course. I started allready... By the way; Don't forget to backup every day... :)

December 23, 2003

I added two Work In Progress project. They looks like They're never going to finish for a while. :) At least create a web page for them. One is a Short Animation project, and the other is... well, kind of another short animation. :) Anyway, I also put some test animations from my AJ Short Film. You may check out Animations section to see them. I'll be adding some new animations time to time.

December 17, 2003

Finally, I made my long waited WebSite. You people could gather at Times Square and celebrate this. :) Well... The thing is didn't have time to make a web page for myself. Especialy for writing this "about me!" kind of stuff.

Anyway I'll try to keep it update. Allways... (now thats a big lie) Well... occasionally perhaps. Just keep watching this space my friends. :)